Mar 17, 2019

At least one Israeli was killed and two others were injured in two attacks outside the West Bank settlement of Ariel on Sunday morning. 

According to IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis, at around 9:45 a.m., a Palestinian terrorist attacked a soldier at the Ariel junction and stole his weapon before he shot toward civilians at the junction, hitting three cars passing through.

One civilian inside one of the cars was struck by the gunfire and reported to be in critical condition. 

“We understand he stole the third car before he fled the scene,” Manelis said, adding that the terrorist then continued toward the Gitai Avishar junction, where he carried out a drive-by shooting, injuring another soldier.

"I happened to be passing by the Ariel junction with the car I use to teach driving lessons, when I happened upon the large amount commotion at the Ariel junction," MDA EMT Hananel Hess said. "I saw soldiers running and heard gunshots. I understood that this was out of the ordinary and I requested that MDA teams respond. Once the shooting stopped, I exited my vehicle and I saw an approximately 20-year-old patient lying unconscious on the ground with gunshot wounds to his upper body. We assessed him and found him to be in critical condition."

The injured were evacuated to Beilinson Hospital for medical treatment.

An eyewitness told the media: "We suddenly saw a passing vehicle, it hit one of the soldiers, we saw the soldier fall suddenly, we took cover behind the concrete blocks, and a lot of soldiers came to try to find out what happened here. I was wondering if I would go back to work, I think there were two soldiers here, I do not remember what the terrorists looked like."

The Gitai Avishar junction on Highway 5 is a central intersection of the highway which links Ariel to central Israel, with hundreds of Palestinian workers traveling through it daily.

---from the JERUSALEM POST

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